Below are the current 7442 Analytics publications which are free for you to use.  The reuse of any contents contained therein must be properly cited and written consent is required for any contents used for commerical purposes.

The Market BIOS Manual – Unlocking the Markets Hidden Genetic Code

I researched and wrote the Market BIOS Manual in the early to mid 90’s and added the last chapter in 2002.  Though it could be considered obsolete due to the diagram illustration dates, all markets perpetually generate the same Sequential patterns.

As I’ve described elsewhere on the 7442 Analytics page, the content contained in the Market BIOS Manual only encompasses about 1/4th of the Market BIOS Framework components.

The Kelly Criterion and Shannon’s Information theory: which is the mathematical engine used in the Portfolio Management and position sizing components of the Market BIOS framework

Ed Thorp – “The Kelly Criterion in Blackjack, Sports Betting, and the Stock Market

A New Approach to Modern Portfolio Theory: using the Z Factor calculations, historical volatility and the Kelly Criterion:

2013 to 2014 Spiral and Pulse Excel spreadsheet – This spreadsheet contains hourly Spiral and Pulse data, including various indicators for each, from January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2014, which you can use to back test or forward test to see if the Spiral and Pulses are actually effecting market price behavior; applicable to any market.

Simply click the link below to download.  For experimental purposes only.

Tutorial: Using Igor Pro to view your Spiral spreadsheet data

Tutorial: Configuring the end of day Market BIOS application