A semi-concise 7442 Analytics research bibliography:

BOLD text indicates books owned:

Celestial Mechanics/Astronomy/Plasma Physics/ Magnetohydrodynamics

Celestial Mechanics – Taff

Celestial Mechanics – Smart

Spherical Astronomy – Green

Exploration of the Universe – Abell

Fundamentals of Astrodynamics – Bate Mueller White

The Atmosphere – Anthes

Quantitative Modeling of Magnetospheric Processes – Olsen

Introduction to Geomagnetics – Campbell

Practical Astronomy with your Calculator – Duffett-Smith

The Big Bang Never Happened – Lerner


Math/Calculus/General Physics

Modern Intermediate Algebra – Groza and Shelley

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry – Shibli

Fundamentals of Trigonometry – Swokowski

Fundamentals of Algebra and Trigonometry – Swokowski

Focus on Curves and Surfaces – LaMothe

A First Course in Calculus with Analytic Geometry – Flanders

A Second Course in Calculus – Flanders

Analytic Geometry and Calculus – Adams and White

Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics – Aris

Topology – Introduction w Application to Topological Groups – McCarty

Continuum Mechanics – Spencer

A Vector Approach to Oscillations – Booker

God Created The Integers – Hawking

The Power of Logic: Layman

An Introduction to Analysis – Saltz

Physics I – Huggins

Physics Principles and Insights – Freeman

Elements of Physics – Shortly and Williams


General and Special Relativity/Quantum Mechanics/Gravity/Black Hole Dynamics

Gravitation and Spacetime – Second Edition – Ohanian and Ruffini

Sources of Gravitational Radiation – Smarr

The Elegant Universe – Green

Causality Electromagnetic Induction and Gravitation – Jefimenko

Electromagnetic Retardation & Theory of Relativity – Jefimenko

Gravitation and Co-Gravitation – Jefimenko

The Philosophy of Space & Time – Reichbach

The Physics of Atoms and Quanta – Haken – Wolf

The End of the Concept of “Time” – Book 1 – Moon

A First Course in String Theory – Zwiebach

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Pauling and Wilson

Quantum Mechanics – Merzbacher

Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics – Feynman and Weinberg

Blackholes & Time Warps – Thorne

Black Holes: The Membrane Paradigm – Thorne


Optics/Electromagnetics/Electrical Engineering/Fluids /Plasma Physics

The Optics of Rays, Wavefronts, and Caustics – Stavroudis

Optics – Sears

The Optics of Dipole Magnets – John Livingood

Introduction to Electron and Ion Optics – Dahl

Theory of Ion Flow Dynamics – Samaras

Charged Particle Beams – Humphries

Particle Acceleration – Humphries

Dynamic Electromagnetics – Diament

Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism – Kip

Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions: Becker

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves – Rojansky

Engineering Circuit Analysis – Hayt

Engineering Electromagnetics – Hayt

Engineering Fluid Mechanics – Roberson

Engineering Magnetohydrodynamics – Sutton

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – Fox

Statics – Meriam

Plasma Astrophysics – Tajima

Cosmical Electrodynamics – Alfven

Cosmic Electrodynamics – Piddington

Cosmic Electrodynamics – Dungey

Interplanetary Magnetohydrodynamics – Burlaga

Electromagnetodynamics of Fluids – Hughes

Fluid Flow Analysis – Sharpe

The Equations of Radiation Hydrodynamics – Pomraning

Rotating Fluids in Engineering and Science – Vanyo

Raman Spectroscopy – Szymanski

Mass Spectrometry – Jayaram

Sir Michael Berry’s entire library of work


C# Programming and Game Artificial Intelligence

Visual C# 2005 – Foxall

Illustrated C# 2005 – Solis

AI Game Development – Champandard

Beginning C# – .Net v1.0 – Waston

Programming Game AI by Example – Buckland

Beginning C# Databases – Huddleston

Beginning C# Objects – Barker / Palmer

Accelerated C# 2005 – Nash

Pro C# with .Net 3.0 Special Edition – Toelsen

Professional XNA Programming: Building Games for XBox 3

Beginning XNA 2.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional

Beginning .Net Game Programming in C#

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0 – Miles

Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 in C# 2005: From Novice to Professional

Expert Service-Oriented Architecture in C# 2005

Expert C# 2005 Business Objects

Pro ASP .Net 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005

XNA 2.0 Game Programming Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Building XNA 2.0 Games

Pro ASP .Net 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components

Feynman Books

QED – The Strange Theory of Light and Matter – Feynman

Feynman Lectures on Gravitation – Leynman

Six Not So Easy Pieces – Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman – A Life in Science – Gribbin and Gribbin

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out – Feynman


Astromechanics – Van de Kamp

Gravitational Curvature – Frankel 

Theory of Orbits – Szebehely

A Guided Tour Through Space and Time – Fenyo

Positional Astronomy and Astro-Navigation Made Easy – Mills

Gravitation, Electromagnetism and Quantized Charge – Pisello

Adventures in Celestial Mechanics – Szebehely

Textbook on Spherical Astronomy – Smart

Spherical Astronomy – Woolard

Beyond the Third Dimension – Banchoff

Radiative Processes in Astrophysics – Rybicki

The Direction of Time – Reichbach

Gravitational Lensing – Felco

Reality’s Mirror – Exploring the Mathematics of Symmetry – Bunch

Space Time and Quanta – Mills

Physics of Waves – Elmore and Heald

Sundials – Cousins

Sundials – History, Theory and Practice – Rohr

The Force of Symmetry – Icke

Sundials – Their Theory and Construction – Waugh

The Physics of Time Reversal – Sachs

Spacetime, Geometry, Cosmology – Burke

Relativity – Special, General and Cosmological – Rindler

Theory of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation – Papas

Introduction to Light: The Physics of Light, Vision, and Color – Waldman

The Golden Ratio – Livio

Non Linear Optics 4th Edition – Bloembergen

Geometrical Optics and Optical Design – Mouroulis and Macdonald

Optics – Hecht

Concepts of Quantum Optics – Knight and Allen

Principles of Optics – Born & Wolf

Waves and Photons – An Introduction to Quantum Optics – Goldin

Understanding Holography – Wenyon

Principles of Holography – Howard M Smith

Polarized Light – Shurcliff

Modern Molecular Photochemistry – Turro

Geometrical Optics – Fry

The Road to Reality – Penrose

Understanding The Universe from Quarks to the Cosmos – Lincoln

Wave Mechanics for Chemists – Cumper

Calculus with Analytic Geometry – Swokowski

Particle Astrophysics – Perkins

Operator Methods of Ligand Field Theory – Watanabe

Statistical Physics I – Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics – Toda

Timeless Reality – Stenger

Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics – Andrews

The Physics of Time Asymmetry – Davies

Light Transmission Optics – Second Edition – Marcuse

Statistical Optics – Goodman

Basic Physics – A Self Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition – Kuhn

The Theory of Quantum Liquids – Pines & Nozieres

Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications – Borisenko & Tarapov

Tensor Analysis on Manifolds – Bishop

Introduction to Differential Geometry – Eisenhart

Introduction to Nuclear Physics – Bertulani

The Secret Life of Quanta – Han

Magnetic Electron Lenses – Hawkes

Reiman Geometry – Do Carmo

The Mobius Strip – Pickover

Tensor Analysis of Electirical Circuits and Machines – Bewley

Matrix Tensor Methods in Continuum Mechanics- Borg

Geometry of Geodesics – Busemann

Differential Forms – Flanders

Spherical Harmonics – MacRobert

The Poincare Half-Plane – Stahl

Tensor Analysis and Continuum Mechanics – Flugge

A First Course in Continuum Mechanics – 2nd Edition – Fung

Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields – Harrington

Three Roads to Quantum Gravity – Lee Smolin

Quantum Mechanics on the Personal Computer – Brandt & Dahmen

The Geometry of Minkowski Spacetime – Naber

Relativity – Synge

A short course in General Relativity – Foster

Space and Time in the Modern Universe – Davies

Singularities of Linear System Functions – Gross

The Physics of Chance – Ruhla

Matrices and Tensors in Physics – Joshi

Classical and Quantum Theories of Spinning Particles – Corben

Black Holes – A Travelers Guide – Pickover

Non-linear Oscillations in Physical Systems – Hayashi

Curves and Singularities – Bruce and Giblin

Geometry of Surfaces – John Stillwell

The Nature of Space and Time – Hawking and Penrose

Programming the Universe – Lloyd

Physics of Shock Waves and High-Temperature Hydrodynamic Phenomena – Zel-dovich

Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics – Pantell

Electromagnetic Theory and Geometrical Optics – Kline

Computational Methods of Fluid Flow – Peyret

Magnetohydrodynamics – Kulikovsky

An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics – Roberts

Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer – Anderson

Space-Charge Flow – Kirstein

Fluid and Particle Mechanics – Michell

Charged Particles in the Earth’s Magnetic Field – Chamberlain

Earth Effects in Transmission Systems – Sunde

C++ from Scratch

C# fast & easy web development – Bakharia

C# How to Program – Dietel

C# 2005 for Dummies – Davis and Spahr

C# Programming for the Absolulte Beginner – Harris

Visual C# . Net Step by Step – Sharp

Application Development Using C# and .Net – Stiefel

Learn to Program C# – Smiley

The Cosmic Blueprint – Davies

Superstrings and Other Things – Calle

The Physics of Vibrations and Waves – 4th Edition – Pain

Superstring Theory – Volume I – Green, Schwarz, Witten

Superstring Theory – Volume II – Green, Schwarz, Witten

Search for a Super-Theory – Parker

The Essential David Bohm – Lee Nichol

David Bohm’s World – Sharpe

The Undivided Universe – Bohm and Hiley

The Ending of Time – Krishnamurti

The Holographic Universe – Talbot

Computational Physics – Giordano

The Future of Humanity – Krishnamurti and Bohm

A Short Cut Through Time – Johnson

The Matter Myth – Davies and Gribbin

Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology – Thurston

Mossbauer Effect: Principles and Applications – Wertheim

Quantum Mechanics An Introduction – Bromley

Quantum Mechanics (Non Relativistic Theory) Landau and Lifshitz

Programming the Universe – Lloyd