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2 thoughts on “Watch our Spiral tutorials and Market BIOS real time live on UStream

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      Hello Graham .. sorry about the delay in getting back to you! Typically, messages sent via the website are forwarded to my personal e-mail address. But, I wasn’t logged in to the website and your message wasn’t forwarded to me.

      I hope you are enjoying the UStream broadcasts, highlighting the automated trading “bots” based on the Spiral dynamics and Pulses, and their predictive effect on market prices. In other words, I computed the Spiral dynamics 12 years ago in hourly and 10 minute increments forward in time to the year 2082. The premise was simple, if the Spiral and Pulse dynamics truly predicted the future .. their effect should be able to predict market prices; i.e, all commodity, stock and indices prices.

      That’s the premise of the UStream broadcasts; highlighting the Spiral and automated trading signals computed 12 years ago and projected into the future. In addition, there’s also a 7442 Analytics Facebook page, which has downloadable items like the Market BIOS Manual. Those items are also downloadable from the “Resouces” page on the website.


      Right now, I’m offering the real time Market BIOS software, the 10 minute Spiral component spreadsheet, and a separate automated trading bot spreadsheet to a limited number of users. If interested, let me know.

      Best Regards,