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2 thoughts on “10 minute S&P 500 with Spiral component overlays

  • Hi Sean, slow start for me. I’m prepping for my sons wedding this weekend. I meant to contact you before now. Teachings I’ve seen lately has helped tremendously, it’s not scary anymore. I’m getting it. We “all” love you for your long term persistence, and for those who are on you, screw em! a couple thoughts… I think you could consider insulating yourself by having someone go through your emails and deleting the garbage and you get what is important to developing your business. when you get upset and rant, it doesn’t help you get to the finish line. Schedule long breaks. We will tune in to listen to our awesome teacher on schedule. It pisses me off when people have the gall to criticize your work. Take care of your happiness. I haven’t studied enough and won’t bug you unless I”ve tried first. Started overlaying time periods with comments on my charts which helps get a simpler view. that has been helpful. Check in later. Yea, she is wonderful, couldn’t be happier with my sons choice. Life is good. Your wife sounds like a sweetheart, your a lucky guy. Bruce Goode

    • Post author

      Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for you kind words and I’ve taken your advice into consideration. I’ll refrain from rants in retaliation for insulting e-mails and messages. As I mentioned, the upcoming update will include the overlays on the price charts and the Control Panel in a separate table in the application.

      Good wishes to you .. your son and your entire family per the upcoming Wedding!